Profilometer Repair

Bryco Industrial Service is a profilometer repair and rebuild specialist.

PS1 Repair

Mahr Federal Probe Repair and Fowler Pocket Surf Probe Repair and Rebuild Specialist

We have been saving money for clients by servicing instead of replacing the profilometer units for over two decades.

Attention Customers: Bryco Industrial does not charge for evaluations. Send your damaged or uncalibrated profilometers for a no-hassle quote and until approval is given, no repairs will begin.

We repair all major Profilometer brands including Mahr Federal, Fowler and Mitutoyo.

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Precision Profilometer Repair: Restoring Accuracy to Every Surface.

Profilometers are used to determine the surface roughness of many surfaces. Since these devices are small and completely portable, they can be used with ease in a variety of environments including shop floors, in the laboratory or on the job. Profilometers can be used upside down, horizontal or vertical and in hard-to reach surfaces because of their small size.

The detector on the profilometer travels across the surface being measured, sending a signal to the readout. This is an extremely fragile component of the unit that can be easily broken. With its diamond tip, it is important that the detector is serviced and repaired by an experienced professional.

Trust Bryco Industrial Service to repair and/or rebuild even the most delicate instruments. Give us a call today at 724-809-7909 for more information.

Trust us to keep your profilometers performing at their best

Profilometer Repair repairs and rebuilds your Mahr Federal and Fowler pocket surf models I, II and III.

Pocket-sized economically priced, completely portable instrument which performs traceable surface roughness measurements on a wide variety of surfaces; can be used confidently in production, on the shop floor and in the laboratory.

  • Solidly built, with a durable cast aluminum housing, to provide years of accurate, reliable surface finish gaging.
  • Can be used to measure any one of four, switch-selectable, parameters: Ra , Rmax/Ry , Rz.
  • Selectable traverse length 1, 3 or 5 cut-offs of 0.8 mm/.030 in.
  • Operates in any position “ horizontal, vertical, and upside down
  • Easy-to-read LCD readout presents the measured roughness value, in microinches or micrometers, within half a second after the surface is traversed.
  • Out-of-range (high or low) and battery low signals are also displayed.
  • Four switchable probe positions “axial (folded) or at 90°, 180° or 270°
  • Even difficult-to-reach surfaces such as inside and outside diameters are accessible.
  • Integrated data output for SPC-processing units that is compatible with the most common data processing systems.

Trust us to keep your profilometers performing at their best. Contact us today for expert repairs and maintenance.

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